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CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute was established in 1958, initially it was named as CPHERI, later named as National Environmental Engineering Research Institute(NEERI). NEERI is constituent laboratory of CSIR created and funded by Govt. of India and falls under the Ministry of Science and Technology (India). CSIR-NEERI is established in Nagpur and is pioneer laboratory in the field of environmental science and engineering. Five zonal centers of CSIR-NEERI have been established in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Dr. Atul Narayan Vaidya

Dr. Atul Narayan Vaidya has been given additional charge as a Director, CSIR-NEERI on April, 2021. He has made significant contributions in diverse areas of organic chemistry with a special emphasis on chiral chemistry, total synthesis of biologically active natural products and pharmaceutical products. He introduced polyethylene glycol (PEG) as a novel, environmentally benign solvent medium. He has developed technologies for the synthesis of latest anti-tuberculosis drug, bedaquiline; anti-tumor and abortive drug, misoprostol; anti-platelet molecule, beraprost; antidepressive compound, sertralin and drug for treatment of schizophrenia, asenapine. He has more than 285 publications with 7600 citations. 80 students have been already awarded Ph. D. degree under his able guidance and 20 post doctoral associates have worked in his group. He has received several accolades including Eminent Scientist Award for contributions in the field of Chemistry from Telangana State Government in 2017, CNR Rao National Prize for Chemical Research 2012, CSIR Technology award 2014 and Infosys prize in Chemical sciences 2014 for his contributions in synthetic organic chemistry with special focus on the synthesis of complex molecules from natural sources and innovative, practical approaches to pharmaceuticals of current interest to industry. On read more link his bio-data as attached herewith