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Official Forms

1.Account ConccurrenceView
2.Bill Voucher Data Entry SheetView
3.Canteen NoteView
4.Dispatch SlipView
5.Festival AdvanceView
6.Foreign TourView
8.Home Town DeclarationView
9.IT CalculationView
10.Identity CardView
11.IT RecoveryView
12.Joining ReportView
13.News PaperView
15.Passport FormView
16.Identity Card form for PensionersView
18.Service TaxView
19.Income Tax Recovery FormView
20.LTC Form(Establishment Section)View
21.EL Form(Establishment Section) [NOT AVAILABLE]View
22.Bebaki Form(Establishment Section)View
23.Cycle Peshgi Form(Establishment Section)View
24.Form C (Establishment Section)View
25.GPF/CPF Advance Form(Establishment Section)View
26.NDC Form(Establishment Section)View
27.OM LTC(Establishment Section)View
28.Prapatra(Establishment Section)View
29.APPLICATION FOR ADVANCE FROM G.P.F./C.P.F.(Establishment Section)View
30.REIMBURSEMENT OF TUITIION FEE(Establishment Section)View
31.Email Request Form (Non-Regular Staff)View