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•     Give an opportunity to students to learn science by “doing science”, take up experimentations with scientists
•     Help students shape and create positive perceptions towards science by inquiry
•     Create students’ own knowledge, understanding, personal values that form the foundation for environment protection
•     Create a positive image of scientists amongst students by showcasing the pride and esteem endowed on them because of their inventions and innovations
•     Enhance the scientific approach of students by explaining simple science concepts around them
•   Create an opportunity for students to question and also to search for answers to their questions thereby creating scientific temper, questions asked by students help them to fill recognized knowledge gaps and solve problems.
•     Hands-on research activity and interaction with the scientists and research scholars
•     Get information about a career in environmental science and engineering, and allied disciplines
•   Support National Development Missions, including Swachh Bharat Mission, Smart City Mission and other missions relating to environment protection ensuring the participation of students in these missions
•   Develop such environmental education modules that illustrate the processes of water management, wastewater treatment, recycle and reuse, air quality &monitoring, waste management,etc.

Vision & Mission

Jigyasa's Vision

  • • Create awareness regarding sustainable development including pollution control, water management, forest management, environmental impact assessment, social awareness, etc. among students and teachers

  • • Sustainable development is part of the national development mission.

Jigyasa's Mission

  • • Constant flow of real-time knowledge and learning among students

  • • Experiment,analyze and implement what the students learn

  • • Inspiring students to become responsible citizens who can contribute to the development of their society

Targeted States

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